It is our mission to produce considerable global energy savings and become America's solution to cost-effective energy efficiency.
​The Striatech technology was successfully implemented in 2001 with Teknatool as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer with its award winning NOVA brand integrating the Striatech motor in its products.

In 2010 the Striatech technology was expanded to other OEM projects with great success, which signaled a very exciting new chapter in the development and growth of the company.​ Since then the Striatech motors can also be purchased as substitution motors on our product website, Amazon and Ebay.  


where mind meets motor

our Mission

In 2016, DVR Technology Developments was rebranded to Striatech. The name is inspired by the part of the brain, known as Striatum. The striatum is the anatomical area of the brain that is responsible for decision making when it comes to motor control. Put simply, it is what helps the body move in the way that it is supposed to. This is where the intelligence of motor function lives in our brains. 

The ability of Striatech motors to intelligently drive its applications therefore aligns closely with the ability of the brain part that drives the human body. The Striatech name combines the virtue and function of the digital variable reluctance motor. Striatech motor systems are not just the muscle to any application but also the brain! Switched reluctance motors make the perfect combination with this exceptional controller technology.

Company History

DVR Technology Developments Inc. is working to become a global technology solutions provider focusing on the development of motor, driver and generator technologies. The company's innovative culture led to the development of the Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR)® motor which replaces  belts and pulleys with digital technology. This intelligent computerized electric motor technology can be incorporated into a wide range of products and equipment changing the market for electric motors and outperforming regular AC and DC motors. DVR Technology Developments is currently aiming to implement the Striatech motor into new market segments where this energy efficient intelligent technology is mostly needed.

DVR Technology Developments Inc. under the brand name Striatech is a subsidiary of Teknatool International, which is a global manufacturing exporter to 15 countries since 1980 with facilities in New Zealand and the United States. 
With a strong passion for delivering growth through the development of technology and ‘next generation’ exporting ideas, Teknatool’s experienced team of researchers and engineers has managed to evolve from its traditional market in DIY/Woodworking into motor, driver and generator technologies. DVR Technology Developments was created to further expand these operations and opportunities.