• Faster, more efficient turning

NOVA DVR 2024 and DVR XP lathes deliver incredible turning smoothness. With no belts or pulleys to cause vibration, a computer that automatically adjusts performance and solid cast iron construction, the NOVA DVR lathes are smooth operators. This delivers the ability to turn faster and more efficiently and cuts down on sanding time. The 10 FAVOURITE SPEEDS function (2024) and 5 FAVOURITE SPEEDS function (XP)  also enables you to preselect your most used speeds, finishing your project faster.

  • Plug n’ Play

Easy to use, push button electronic variable speed with forward and reverse.

  • Safety Sensing

Computer control instantly cuts power to the spindle if it senses a chisel dig in, or if the spindle lock is on when wanting to turn the spindle.

  • Power Saving

Smart computer controlled motor only draws as much power as it needs for the project being worked on.  The DVR motor can save up to 80% energy and emissions over conventional motors.Click HERE  

  • Low Maintenance

Industry grade electronics


Why DVR? NOVA DVR lathes are the world’s only intelligent woodlathes, combining the best features of larger lathes – power, capacity and capability with state of the art technology to make your turning more efficient, fun and safer.  The DVR direct drive technology is incredibly smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate.  Plus the DVR is a smart motor - it features intelligent adaptive control software that works for the turner to product optimum turning conditions for your specific projects - for instance, measuring the weight of the workpiece and adjusting the performance accordingly, the ability to sense faults in the set up and advise, sense safety issues such as chisel dig ins and spindle lock, and instantly shut down power to the spindle.  In addition, the NOVA DVR is a energy efficient motor, delivering up to 80% power savings over conventional AC motor technology. 

When in 2005 it became apparent that the DVR technology could enhance the performance of  Shopsmith's machinery their product was converted to a DVR motor and thoroughly transformed. To read about the DVR technology as a component in a Shopsmith machine please refer to the case study.

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Customer Testimonials

"While the old Shopsmith headstock achieved a useful 7 to 1 speed variation, using variable pitch pulleys, the DVR powered Power Pro has a 40 to 1 speed range, 250 to 10,000 rpm, providing full torque throughout. The computer/controller also has a mode that can assist in selecting the proper speed for a particular operation. The computer senses the load, and automatically provides the necessary torque. The smooth and quiet operation is impressive. Placing a cup of coffee on the table reveals nary a ripple, even at 10,000 rpm."

"Rated at 2 HP on 240 volt, users will find that the Power Pro’s ability to sense torque makes it possible to do table saw ripping equal to many cabinet saws. Additionally, the variable speed feature has made it possible for me to rip and crosscut curly maple and cherry without getting burn marks. At 250 rpm in lathe mode, I can turn heavy stock, up to 16” diameter. Likewise, as a drill press, the Power Pro provides the necessary power to drill with large diameter forstner bits with ease. At 10,000 rpm, it can spin larger diameter shaper and router bits with more power than available with traditional routers. While multi-purpose tools are not for everyone, this upgrade gives those who must work in very small shops, like my 192 sq. ft., the increased power and capability of many larger stand alone machines."

- From "Wow! This isn't grandpa's old Shopsmith", lumberjocks.com, 2010

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