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​​Load Sensing

A natural characteristic of the digital variable reluctance computer controlled Striatech motor is that it will only ever use the amount of energy input needed to rotate the shaft at the command speed. If there is no load on the shaft, it will only utilize the energy necessary to overcome bearing resistance. 

Conventional motor systems usually run at a fixed power and load point. When the load varies efficiency is effected. AC motors running below 50% load are very inefficient. There is also no way for a conventional motor to determine whether it should be running at all.

In power tool machines, high loads are very infrequent and on many occasions the load is minimal. As the Striatech motor adjusts its power use to the load that is actually applied, considerable power savings can be achieved over time.

​Application Optimization

With the help of sensors the Striatech technology is able to determine when the application needs to run and how much energy needs to be used. 

The Striatech motor's intelligence is the key to significant energy savings. Energy that is not needed to run the machine at times of minimal loads but that would ineffectively still be consumed by a conventional motor is not wasted. 

In customized applications like the Striatech drill press, the built-in intelligence enables the application to sense when the spindle needs to turn power via a depth control feature. Once the load is sensed, the drill press adjusts the power usage. As soon as the drill is retracted from the work piece, the spindle turns off. (For further information on our drill press and range of other OEM products please refer to our OEM customer page.)

Heat Usage

Often, conventional motor systems produce a large amount of energy in form of wasted heat. In extreme cases, an additional motor is required to drive a cooling fan to keep the drive motor cool. As the Striatech motor is an efficient converter of energy and use of the energy, the losses in form of heat are minimal.

​System Communication
The future of energy efficiency is highly dependent on smart technologies. Machine-to-Machine communication and sourcing of information from smart meters will help to determine when and where the use of energy is needed. Striatech is the first smart motor that can connect to smart meters and the internet to source information all the while determining the condition the application is currently under via its 10 I/O channels for a range of sensors, and adjusting accordingly.

Worldwide, there is a natural process of demand for energy efficient and increasingly smart and flexible products -- especially in the area of motor technology. While the best available motors will typically save up to 4% to 5% of all electric motor energy consumption, other electromechanical solutions need to be added to achieve another 15% to 25% of energy savings. There is a large potential to cost-effectively improve energy efficiency of motor systems by roughly 20% to 30% which would reduce the total global electricity demand by about 10%.

The Striatech motor is a “smart” switched reluctance drive system with a technology that allows the motor to merge with the application to result in energy savings up to 50% over a conventional AC motor. The power savings that Striatech driven systems attain vary widely and depend on the application they are used for. Striatech places a strong focus on the total environment a motor application is employed in.

While traditional motor manufacturers concentrate on efficiency of motors in certain conditions, Striatech acts as an integrator, focusing on the overall power savings which depend on the behavior of the motor when charged with differing loads.