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  • Simple Construction - eliminates permanent magnets, brushes and  commutators
  • Intelligent Motor - features a unique motor controller with proportonional-integral-derivative (PID) speed control and capability for external sensors enabling the  motor to maintain desired speed with loads and conditions.
  • Energy Efficient - up to 50% power savings over conventional motors
  • High Speed and Acceleration Capability - from 0 - 100,000+ rpm, 50w to 500kw (model dependant)
  • Wide Speed Range: 1,000 - 14,000 RPM 
  • ​Power Output: Available in 750w (1 HP) and 1000w (1.5 HP)
  • ​NEMA 48 Flange Mount
  • 115 v Input 
  • ​Class F Winding Insulation

STRIATECH Single Phase Series

The Striatech Package Drive is our off-the-shelf solution, which will fit hundreds of applications with no modifications needed. To purchase your Package Drive please refer to our shop.

Striatech motors can also be purchased on Amazon and E-Bay.

Striatech Package Drive

  • Intelligent Switched Reluctance Motor
  • Available in two power levels: 1250W motor on 110V (1.75 HP) / 220 V (2 HP) and 2200W (3 HP) on 220V only.
  • 50 - 5500rpm
  • F Insulation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Variable Speed
  • No Rare Earth Magnets
  • 2 Year Factory Warranty
  • Energy Efficient Next Generation Technology
  • Powerful and Compact
  • Quiet Operation
  • Smart Computerized Motor that can Safety and Fault Sense
  • Programmable Interface

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Striatech now offers flexible, bolt-on motors, available in both 5/8" and 19 mm diameter shaft sizes.

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To purchase motors of the Single Phase series please contact our team on sales@striatech.com

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