Striatech exhibits at the EASA 2017 Convention 
March 1, 2017
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - In a true home game Striatech will exhibit at the 2017 EASA convention and exhibition from 25. - 27. June 2017 in Tampa, Florida. Come visit the Striatech team at Booth # 1231 and see for yourself how Striatech drive systems transform a number of applications in several new show prototypes. Learn all about the latest switch reluctance technology advances and intelligent motor control.
Don't hesitate and plan your trip today! We would love to see you there! For further show information please click on the show logo to your left. 
Should you wish to schedule an appointment at our premises in Saint Petersburg please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Striatech presents lecture on Switch Reluctance Technology at the Motor & Drive Systems Conference 2017
November 1, 2016
ST. PETERSBURG, FL -  Have you ever wondered why Striatech focuses on Switch Reluctance Technology advancing it into its unique Digital Variable Reluctance Technology? In an insightful lecture at the Motor & Drive Systems Conference from 18 - 19 January 2017 in Orlando, Florida motor specialist James Hendershot explained the advantages of Switch Reluctance Motors and how intelligent motor control lead to the development of Striatech's next generation motor systems. Visitors of the conference were able to get an idea of the transformation that Striatech motors can bring to a large range of applications by visiting the Striatech booth in which key team members had set up show applications and their motor exhibit. If you want to learn more about Striatech drive systems please contact our team or visit us at the EASA 2017 convention and exhibition 25 - 27 June in Tampa, Florida.  

Striatech's OEM customer NOVA to present some of Striatech's newest products at STAFDA's 40th annual Conference 
October 31, 2016
ST. PETERSBURG, FL - A team of Striatech's loyal Original Equipment Manufacturer customer NOVA attended STAFDA's 40th annual Conference from 6 - 8 November, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.  
For further information on STAFDA's Convention please click on the show logo to your left.

DVR Technology Developments rebrands to Striatech
June 1, 2016
ST. PETERSBURG, FL – DVR Technology Developments has chosen a new corporate identity for its line of switch reluctance motors. Moving forward, the company will be known as Striatech.

This name reflects the company’s mission of offering a smart motor which can do the thinking for the user. The root word, Striatum, comes from the portion of the brain that is responsible for motor function and physical movement of the human body, just as the controller and motor does for each of its applications.

The change is part of the company’s fast growth and movement toward bringing the energy-saving switched reluctance motors into a broader market.

​​DVR Technology  Developments to attend the 2015 EASA Convention
12 March 2015
DVR representativies will exhibit DVR Technology Developments' second generation motor range at the annual Electrical Apparatus Service Associatino (EASA) Convention from 14. - 16. June 2015 at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The EASA convention is one of the first addresses to go to in motor technology and offers one of the industry's largest display of products and services. We are looking forward to offering a brand new smart solution in displaying our new multi firing (MF) and single firing (SF) series at this year's show. Come see us at booth 169. For further information on the EASA Convention please refer to the EASA website.

DVR Technology Developments' President on the Old Workshop Radio Podcast

17 December 2014

In a radio interview with Daniel Carter and Lance Granum from "The Old Workshop" DVR Technology Developments' President Joel Latimer offered an insight into DVR's beginnings,  the technology as well as the motors' use to date and future prospects.  We invite you to listen to the full audio podcast on the Old Workshop's website.

DVR Team introduces new products at this year's STAFDA Show

13 November 2014

The annual conference for the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) held much in stock for the DVR team who attended the show this year. STAFDA's conference offers independent distributors in the tool and fastener industry a platform to introduce market innovations and novelties in the field. 

For the first time DVR attended the show to present the newest developments in their intelligent Drill Press, which include a range of different tapping features like chip braking, blind and through hole as well as wood tapping. The scheduled market release for the DVR Drill Press is summer 2015. The DVR team also seized the opportunity to introduce the brand new 1 HP Single Phase motor which has the potential to power a wide range of different tool applications. Both products earned much attention from the conference attendees. Click here for the whole article. 

Digital Variable Reluctance on the Rise: Hon Steven Joyce visits Teknatool International Group's and DVR Technology Developments' R&D Lab

2 April 2014

On Tuesday, 1 April 2014, the Honorable Steven Joyce, New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development, Science and Innovation, paid a visit to Auckland based Teknatool International Group (Teknatool) to evaluate Teknatool’s previous  experiences different institutions that support New Zealand businesses' global export activities. The local R&D team also had the chance to demonstrate DVR Technology Developments' progress on the DVR technology.

For further information read the whole article.

DVR Technology Developments releases new smart motor development kit 

1 March 2014

Just in time for this year's ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit  (ARPA-e) a brand new DVR product made its debut. DVR Technology Developments' intelligent motor development kit was exhibited from 24 - 26 February at booth 1040 at ARPA-e in Washington D.C.. Capable of wirelessly connecting to and communicating  with the internet, other motors and machine systems the new kit will enable the motor industry to use and research drive capabilities in its environments. 

​DVR Technology Developments anticipates that the development kit will turn into an elementary research device for U.S. Universities in the field of motor technology and hopes to engage in a number of research and development projects with educational institutions. 

At ARPA-e the DVR Technology Developments team showcased the DVR motor systems intelligent features, i.e. its stepping ability and electronic braking as well as programming circles with reference to 'best fit' applications like pool pumps or conveyor systems operated with integrated DVR drives.

For further information on the product release of the development kit please refer to the press release.

DVR Technology Developments invited to showcase at the ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit for the second consecutive year

07 January 2014

The new year holds a promising start for DVR Technology Developments. For the second consecutive year the DVR Technology Developments team has been accepted to showcase at the annual ARPA-e Energy Innovation Summit from 24 - 26 February, 2014 in Washington D.C.. DVR with its HMI interface and highly energy efficient motor drivers presents an innovative product solution that facilitates the growing global demand for intelligent and energy efficient motors. The DVR technology with the motor as an intelligence sensor connects the motor to the online world. This two-way interaction delivers optimized efficiency and thinks for the user. 

At ARPA-e the team will showcase how this ‘next generation’ computerized green electric motor can improve energy efficiency by up to 50% - feeding real-time data into the smart grid, outperforming conventional motor systems in terms of energy efficiency and intelligence.

For further information on DVR Technology Developments’ showcase at ARPA-e please refer to the ARPA-e website.

Teknatool USA Inc. becomes member of Energy Florida

22 October 2013
After a decade of field-testing and fine tuning Teknatool's DVR Technology has hit the US and is now ready to revolutionize the market for energy efficient variable speed electric motors . Energy Florida will support DVR Technology Developments to find the market segment where the DVR's high energy efficiency is most needed by connecting them with institutions and companies that aim on improving their use of energy in the region.

For further information please read to the full press release.

DVR wows attendees at the AWFS 2013, showcasing the Technology in a Drill Press Concept 

30 July 2013

From 23 - 27 July 2013 at team of DVR Technology Developments representatives attended the biennial AWFS Fair to showcase what their software and electronics engineers have been hard at work on lately. Highlight of their attendance was the release of the DVR Drill Press Concept and the progressing development of the DVR Human Machine Interface platform (HMI).

For press statements about this game changing machine and technology, see:

For further information on the DVR Drill Press please read the case study.

Teknatool invited to showcase DVR technology at the ARPA-E Summit

With DVR technology at the forefront of M2M and HMI interface with highly energy efficient motor drivers, its no wonder it has been invited to showcase at the ARPA-e energy innovation summit. DVR motors represent a very real way to both produce incredible efficiencies in operation as well as tremendous advantages for users with smart functions and interfaces. Standard electric motors are energy hogs - they consume 60-70% of all energy produced!* 

DVR intelligent motors and embedded systems can improve efficiency by up to 80% - and data feed into the SMART GRID. 

* Source UNIDO 2011

Teknatool showcased its DVR technology at ARPA-E where it was called 'America's next generation of transformational energy technologies'.

  • Please view the showcase image taken at ARPA-E.​​

Teknatool attends the Florida Defense and Technology Showcase 

24 July 2012

Delegates of Teknatool's US innovation centre based in Florida attended the states Technology Showcase from 17 - 22 September to highlight the advances that the company is making in smart, energy efficient motors and systems. 







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