Sabrina Latimer

Sabrina Latimer delivers a strong interdisciplinary background in marketing, communications and public relations in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy finance. Before starting her career with DVR Technology Developments she worked for the Frankfurt School - UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She holds a Magister (roughly equals a Master's degree) in media and American studies from the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Universitaet in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and has supported a number of development finance and education projects. She was also involved in the launch of the  annual Frankfurt School/UNEP Centre/BNEF Global Trends in Renwable Energy Investments report and managed a number of conferences and events. In her new role at DVR Technology Developments she is responsible for customer relations, marketing and communications support. 

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is a Mechatronics Engineer with 15 years experience based on electrical/electronic/software development and industrial applications. His career at Teknatool began after finishing his Master of Engineering at Massey University in 2009. Currently, he is nominated as Chief Engineer of DVR technology in NZ, where he is responsible for electronic/electrical/software development and management, DVR product manufacturing and cost analysis in China , Global DVR technical service and communications support.

Anthea McQuoid

Anthea McQuoid has over 20 years experience in high level global marketing and is highly tuned in the vertical growth tech-manufacturing and trading environment. In her role she develops markets and relationships with customers and successfully implemented global marketing strategies, with a key focus on development and commercialization of new products, with over 20 successful new product launches across multiple markets. Ms McQuoid actively manages the product life cycle for growth and optimization and designs and implements promotional programs and branding opportunities.  She has extensive experience in identifying, developing and leading new media and sales channels. Ms McQuoid provides strong benchmarks in operational areas, ensuring the delivery and evolution of product and company value propositions. She has led the program of company awards and funding, securing over $500,000 in funding with government grants. She served as a director of the Sales and Marketing Institute of NZ, volunteered with the NZ China Trade Association and as President of the Mt Albert Plunket. Ms McQuoid holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing), a Post Graduate Diploma (Marketing), and a Certificate of Direct Marketing. She is also a Member of the American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association in NZ.

Jamie Coombe

Jamie Coombe is currently completing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Auckland University of Technology. He has a strong interest in automotive engine design and  electronics systems. Jamie joined Teknatool in 2008 as a Computer Aided Design designer to complete the work experience portion of his degree. In 2013 he was offered a full time position with Teknatool International and DVR Technology Developments, and is now involved in several projects as a design engineer.

Roger Latimer 

Roger Latimer has thirty years of experience in a wide range of manufacturing processes. He is the past Chairman (NZ Chapter) of the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers, an Advisory Committee Member COMPETNZ, Moderator AUT Engineering Courses, and currently a board member of the New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA) .  He is mainly responsible for Global Research and Development and key strategic partnerships related to technology transfer and collaboration.

Shi Zheng

Shi Zheng is the main software developer who specializes in creating software for DVR products for DVR Technology Developments. He has graduated from the University of Auckland with a Masters degree in Mechatronics Engineering. He is mainly responsible for ensuring proper integration between the software and hardware, interface customization, sensor research, and creating control algorithms to maximize functionality for the DVR motor. 

Tom Walker

Tom Walker holds an MBA (1990) and a BS Accounting (1982) from the University of South Florida. He is a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years executive managerial experience as a CFO in five different industries including the financial services, non-profit, manufacturing, technology and marketing industries. Mr. Walker successfully worked with companies in all stages of corporate development, managed both domestic and international expansion, and secured all facets of outside financing including investment financing. He also performed multiple M&A acquisitions in various industries.

 Joel Latimer

Joel Latimer has 12 years of profound experience in the field of machining and tool making. In his career he has worked in all stages of the product cycle. His work within Teknatool’s R&D team (5 years) comprised a strong focus on network setup, acquiring partners and business relations. In his practical shop floor performance and role as main purchaser for all tooling in the factory (7 years) he developed a strong understanding of all production processes and products. Taking it a step further Mr. Latimer founded his own business reconditioning tools in 2005. Since 2010 he has been leading the US Teknatool Service Center in Saint Petersburg, Florida as Vice President of Operations fine tuning his management skills and placing Teknatool’s products to the US market. Since 2014 he is the President of DVR Technology Developments Inc.. Mr. Latimer holds a Trade Certificate in machining and tool making and a degree in mechanical engineering from the Auckland University of Technology specializing in mass production.  He has also taken classes in solid works and design at the Manukau Institute of Technology and was mentored by the government body “Better by Design” for stage gating processes which he later implemented into the company.